We offer
1.  Interim management
2.  Analysis of your employees using Profile Dynamics®

The increase in corporate specialisations has stimulated the development of new consultancies. It is important to seek advice of professionals when you feel uncertain in a specific area. By asking a professional to look at your concerns you can decrease the uncertainty you are experiencing.

The concerns you have are likely to be related to the following:
  1. professionalism;
  2. change management;
  3. lack of management capability.
  As an entrepreneur, you often find yourself in uncertain situations at which you start asking the question whether your current approach is the right one. Or questions such as; ‘Has our work process been optimised sufficiently?’ or ‘Does our sales management still satisfy the current demands of the market?’, may arise. The uncertainty then becomes an issue to the management of the company and/or department as it is directly related to the strategic development of the company. A professional consultant can help you gain the insight whether the current strategy needs revision or which changes are advisable.
  Change Management
  Being an entrepreneur you are already aware of what you need to focus on to find a solution. Regardless your ideas, you may however still feel uncertain about the feasibility, process and consequences of the change required. It is easy to confuse the questions of what needs to happen and how it needs to happen – a professional adviser can guide you through the change management process by clarifying the starting point and ultimate goal.
Lack of management capability

It is not necessarily uncertainty that influences a lack of management capability. It can simply be a lack of understanding the implementation process that is required to change activities within the company. At this point, it is useful to hire an external manager to provide initial guidance after which the company can take on the management itself. Think for example of setting up a sales organisation or implement project based software in the company.

  Analysis of your employees using Profile Dynamics®

With Profile Dynamics® you can gain insight in the motivations of your employees and develop an idea of the behaviour you would like to see. The insight that is gained by applying the Profile Dynamics® analysis is necessary for effectively coaching employees. It can also be valuable when you need to form a balanced (project) team. Employees with complementing motivations are likely to cooperate in a more effective way.
Further information about Profile Dynamics® can be found here.