Profile Dynamics®
  Insight in motivation and behaviour

Why does one department always function well and trouble always blocks the other from working effectively? How come a good employee does not fit in its new role? With Profile Dynamics® you can gain insight in your own and your employees’ motivations and determine the behaviour you would like to see. It also gives you information on which people are on the same wave length and may therefore cooperate well. These are just examples of what Profile Dynamics® can assist you with.

Personal profiles, training and coaching
Teamanalyses, team building and training
Organisation and change management
Assistance with the recruitment proces
Support outplacement and reintegration
Competence management
  What is Profile Dynamics®?
  Profile Dynamics® is an instrument which helps typify individuals in seven colours that each represent recognisable qualities, ways of thinking and behaviour. The instrument has been based on the theory of value systems of Dr. Clare W. Graves. A personal score profile on these seven colours is based on a simple questionnaire.  Personal coaching or accompaniment is then possible and the consistency of teams, departments or companies can be measured and trained.
  For whom is PD relevant?
  Profile Dynamics® is relevant for all individuals that fulfil a managerial role. All managers are after all benefited by having good knowledge of themselves, their team and company. It can be advantageous when you need to form a project group or wish to examine the current management team. In addition, the analysis Profile Dynamics® provides can be of great value during the recruitment process.
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  Training/Coaching/Personal Development
  Since we have specialised ourselves in training and workshops on the basis of the Profile Dynamics® analysis, our managers can assist you in several different areas. In addition, Segment has a vast network of professionals who can offer support.