Publi Force: the first publisher in the Netherlands which publicised illustrated magazines for free. As four free daily newspapers were launched in the past couple of years, Publi Force believed it would also be possible to launch free magazines. They currently produce 12 consumer titles and two professional journals.
ABC Uitgevers used to be a publisher of address books on paper, however, they have now transformed to a publisher with products on the Internet only. The organisation needed to be restructured entirely. The emphasis during this change process was on their employees.
Puls Medycyny is a venture set up in Warsaw, as part of a Swedish publisher, to publicise a bi-weekly newspaper for doctors.
  Welcome to Segment!

A company consists of several disciplines such as finance, personnel, marketing, production, and sales. In both large and smaller companies, each of these disciplines need managerial attention. Particularly in SME’s, the structure and strategy of the company frequently suffer from a lack of management. We can assist you with the implementation of your current strategy. By reverting back to your initial strategy we can help your company in continuing to grow.

Nevertheless, we believe the main focus should be directed to your employees. It is vital to ensure that your employees are working at their potential level. How do we motivate our employees to use their potential? By giving a weekly speech during the sales meeting? Unfortunately, this is not the answer. Your employees do not necessarily get motivated by you, they generally rely on their own motivation to perform.

Segment uses the Profile Dynamic® analysis to map human behaviour – this is an innovative method to measure what their motivations are. These motivations determine peoples’ actions and their method of communicating, cooperating and leading. The Profile Dynamics® analysis translates each individual’s motives into easily comprehensible information from which vital strategies can be developed. By being able to respond to these motives, you can improve the enthusiasm of your employees and increase productivity.

Segment can be brought in at you for management tasks, both in a consulting role and on interim basis, where in the solution a central role has been always put aside for people. People perform, don’t they?!

Tako P. Hofstra